We have always intended to be conscientious citizens, active co-creators, transversal thinkers, and innovators capable of shaping our own future. Powered by an endless supply. When do we originally think when search engines are available at the tap of a button? Self-taught is a necessary skill for his 21st century and experienced editorial team at Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. is in charge. We have the right materials for you!

Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. It is ISO certified and one of the most reputable publications in India. We work with countless affiliates to conscientiously deliver the best books and educational materials across India and abroad. Our team works around the clock to ensure quality content. I work at From online learning tools to interactive study guides, comprehensive resources make learning easy.

Self-study series are one of the most popular and talked about incredible mentoring devices among students. Our Sublime Self-study Series is for all grades from 6th to 12th grade. Revised and updated according to guidelines, the Talk of the Town set is as smooth as clockwork. The main highlights of the self-study series are Mind Graphs, MCQ Questions, Subjective Questions, Question Banks, and NCERT Fundamental Activities. Available to CBSE, ICSE and ISC students, the self-study series follows easy-to-understand concepts, descriptive information, and chapter-by-chapter tests supported by an online web support system (Test Drive).

Exams don’t have to be scary and learning doesn’t have to be stressful. Our self-study series are designed to assist students, not replace culturally-adapted classes. As students, self-reading and reflection are golden habits. Self-study develops the habit of deep thinking. Our self-study guide aims to teach you exactly the same thing!

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