ATHENA ENGLISH READER stands as a dynamic and captivating educational series designed for students in classes 1 to 8. Meticulously crafted to align with the National Education Policy 2020 guidelines set by the NCERT, this series is a dedicated effort towards fostering the holistic development of learners, with a special emphasis on achieving fluency in understanding and using English as a functional tool of communication, both academically and in daily life.

Athena Series

The comprehensive nature of the Athena series is evident through its coverage of a wide range of literary genres. These include fiction, adventure, myth, fantasy, folktales, and biographies, providing students with a rich and diverse literary experience. This broad exposure not only aligns with the educational guidelines but also contributes to a well-rounded education for the students.

The core components of the series, namely the Readers and Workbooks, are thoughtfully curated to engage and challenge students at various levels. The carefully selected texts aim to introduce the growing minds of learners to a culturally diverse collection of stories and poems. This serves as an avenue to inspire and motivate them to read, write, and speak more proficiently in the English language. The intentional inclusion of various literary genres ensures that students are exposed to different writing styles and themes, enhancing their overall comprehension and analytical skills.

What sets the Athena series apart is its ability to create an immersive learning experience. As students delve into the stories or poetry, they find themselves not only absorbing language skills but also connecting emotionally with the characters and their experiences. This emotional engagement is a key factor in promoting a deeper understanding of language and literature, making the learning process more enjoyable and effective.

In essence, the Athena English Reader series goes beyond the traditional approach to language education. It is a well-rounded, culturally diverse, and engaging resource that aims to empower students with the skills and inspiration needed to navigate the English language proficiently and confidently in both academic and real-world contexts.


  •    Diverse exercises to enhance students’ Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening, Speaking, and Writing skills
  •    Reinforcement of all required concepts through engaging examples, explanations, and practice exercises
  •    Inclusion of various literature and language teaching components to ensure a well-graded learning experience
  •   Teachers’ Resource Material provides guidance for effective use
  •   Workbooks emphasize extensive drilling in grammar, vocabulary, and feature enjoyable activities


  •     QR-Code-Enabled Books for modern-day learning
  •     Engaging Animation/Multimedia of each chapter
  •     Digital Practice Exercises accompany each chapter
  •     Answer keys to facilitate learners and teachers.
  •     Printable Worksheets/Assignments accessible via QR codes