From many years we have been taught that machines work on the command of humans. But in the recent advancement of technology, our life is twirling around the tools which are although designed by humans but has the power to make its own decision like human beings. And that is how fast the world is propelling around us.

Artificial Intelligence has always been a term which intrigues people all over the world.

AI refers to an artificial creation of human-like intelligence that can acquire, reason, plan, recognise or process natural language.

We didn’t even realise when the technology changed our life out of all recognition. It’s like just yesterday we were taught about how man invented fire, and now we are learning how humans-like machines are programmed to work.

From waking up in the morning to going back to bed, we are inundated by AI. The Face Recognition of our mobile phones, the Security system of our homes, Light or Temperature adjustment of a place, Google or Netflix recommendations… every act is just a voice command away.

The world is emerging and to pace up with it, C.B.S.E. has taken a great initiative. We all are aware of the fact the technology is the next future, so why not train the students at the root level. These kids are going to be the next coders, developers or originators of the next span of technology. The burgeoning generations must be educated, in a way that they are ‘ready for life’, and are peremptory patrons to the elevation & embellishment of their nation. Letting them fiddle with it, endure it, experience it’s working will obviously intensify their intellectual and creative skills.  

Central Board of Secondary Education got the nerve of evolving times and made some conspicuous modifications in the years-old-curriculum of students. C.B.S.E. has now introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject for secondary classes to open a world of opportunities and to help them understand the systems and tools they interact with on a daily basis.

But, before C.B.S.E. start teaching the kids about Artificial Intelligence, we have got something to develop their primary curiosity in the subject. Games are the best way to introduce learning to kids. We have got some fascinating games to make you puzzle out the concept of artificial intelligence.

  1. Mystery Animal: Mystery Animal is a new spin on the classic 20-questions game. The computer pretends to be an animal, and you have to guess what it is using your voice. You will have 20 “Yes” and “No” questions to try to determine what the mystery animal is. On an overt surface, this might be just an amusing game, but this can be a neat way to demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence. 20 Questions is an excellent opportunity for kids to build essential skills, including making genuine questions, communicating precisely, and critical thinking to narrow down the possibilities. 

  2. Emoji Scavenger Hunt: Emoji scavenger hunt challenges you to locate and capture pictures of the real-life versions of the emoticons. The game is Google’s AI experiment and machine learning services to identify the analogous real-life object by merely using any smartphone camera. The experiment asks entrants to search targets in the actual world that resemble the emoji before the timer runs out.

  3. Rock-Paper-Scissors: You must remember playing this game with your fellow mates, secretly predicting the next move of your adversary. Now the game and its rules are still the same, but with a little remodelling. This rock-paper-scissors game illustrates the primary principles of adaptive artificial intelligence technology. The system learns to identify patterns of a person’s behavior by dissecting their decision tactics to predict future behavior. Try and discover if the system can foretell yours too.

    ~ Muskan Sidana

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