The ‘Breaking Barriers’ Workshop, held at Hotel Imperia Suites in Jalandhar, was organized by Evergreen Publications India Ltd. from June 22nd to 24th, 2023. This significant event aimed to address Corporate Emotional Wellness and was specifically conducted for the Authors and Sales Department of Evergreen Publications. To ensure a comprehensive and impactful workshop, Evergreen Publications engaged Mindfull Solutions, a reputed organization specializing in conducting workshops and training sessions focused on emotional well-being and personal development.

The workshop spanned three days, each with a specific focus and purpose. On the first day, the Authors associated with Evergreen Publications were invited to attend. On this day, authors share insights about their books, discuss their creative processes, and engage in discussions about their literary work. Evergreen Publications acknowledged and honoured the authors’ contributions as a gesture of appreciation for their dedication and literary achievements.

Throughout the workshop, various sessions and activities were conducted to equip the Authors and Sales department with techniques to enhance their emotional well-being, manage stress, and build resilience. The workshop was designed for individuals to overcome challenges that inhibit their growth and evolution.  The workshop also aimed to create a supportive network among the Sales team and Authors.

On the third and final day of the workshop, the salespersons who had displayed exceptional commitment and dedication to Evergreen Publications over the years were honoured. This acknowledgement was recognised for their long-standing contributions to the company’s success. By appreciating the sales team’s loyalty, Evergreen Publications aimed to motivate further and inspire them to continue their outstanding performance in the future.Overall, the ‘Breaking Barriers’ Workshop was a thoughtfully organized initiative by Evergreen Publications India Ltd. to address Corporate Emotional Wellness. By involving authors and the sales department, the company demonstrated its commitment to serving society in the field of education. The workshop not only provided a platform for knowledge sharing and personal development but also celebrated the achievements and dedication of the individuals who contributed to the success of Evergreen Publications.

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