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Evergreen Candid Artificial Intelligence and Python is a series that follows the latest syllabus issued by CBSE Board and Department of Skill Education, under code no. 417. Every chapter of the book has been carefully crafted, including lots of real-life examples, tools and descriptions of the AI-driven world. This book is learner-friendly and has been marked as one of the best CBSE AI books in India that helps young minds develop an AI mindset to analyse how to integrate AI into problem-solving in any aspect. The book also focuses on the fundamentals of Python programming that cater to enhance the technical skills of future innovators.

The series takes a value-based approach to present the concepts of Artificial Intelligence and Python in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. This best AI book series provides examples to illustrate significant topics, hands on exercises and Tut sheets for better practice and Quick activities based on AI games to experience and encourage experimental learning. QR codes are available with every chapter to provide online learning support.

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