Are you a student in 9th or 10th grade looking for self-study books in English, Maths, Science, Social Science, and more? Look no further! Evergreen Publications has got you covered with their CBSE/ICSE self-study books specifically designed for students like you in Class 9 and 10.

Self-study plays a crucial role in a student’s academic journey. It not only helps in reinforcing concepts learned in class but also enables students to explore subjects at their own pace. With Evergreen Publications’ self-study books, you can enhance your understanding of various subjects and excel in your exams.

One of the key subjects in the curriculum is English. Evergreen Publications offers comprehensive self-study books that cover all aspects of the English language, including grammar, reading and writing skills. These books are designed to help you develop a strong foundation in English.

Mathematics can often be a challenging subject for many students. However, with Evergreen Publications’ self-study books, you can conquer your fear of numbers. These books provide step-by-step explanations of mathematical concepts, along with solved examples and practice exercises. They also include tips and tricks to solve complex problems, making math a lot more enjoyable and easy to understand.

Science is a fascinating subject that explores the wonders of the natural world. Evergreen Publications’ self-study books for Science cover all the major branches, including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. These books simplify complex scientific concepts and provide illustrations and diagrams to aid in understanding. With these books, you can develop a strong foundation in Science and score well in your exams.

Social Science is a subject that helps us understand society, history, and the world around us. Evergreen Publications’ self-study books for Social Science provide a comprehensive overview of various topics, including History, Geography, Civics, and Economics. They include maps, diagrams, and charts to help you grasp concepts effectively. These books make learning Social Science an engaging experience.

These books are designed to cater to the specific needs of CBSE/ICSE students, ensuring that you have all the resources required for a well-rounded education.

Evergreen Publications’ self-study books are meticulously crafted by experienced authors and educators who understand the needs of students. The content is presented in a student-friendly manner, making it easy to comprehend and retain information. These books also include practice questions, sample papers, and previous years’ question papers to help you assess your knowledge and prepare effectively for exams.

Investing in Evergreen Publications’ self-study books can be a valuable addition to your academic journey. These books serve as reliable companions that will assist you in achieving your goals and performing well in your exams. So, don’t wait any longer! Get your hands on these self-study books and embark on a journey of knowledge and success.

Remember, self-study is not just about preparing for exams; it is about developing a lifelong love for learning. So, make the most of these self-study books and unlock your full potential. Happy studying!

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