“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

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A character’s achievement doesn’t belong to the things he is aware of approximately, but his by no means-ending efforts to study something new. Curiosity can play its position everywhere, in any situation, for any medium. Whether it is about studying books to the creation of a brand new portray. Education is a never ending manner and can last till infinity.

Good training may be very vital for all to get beforehand in lifestyles and to attain achievement. It develops confidence and helps to build the man or woman of a person. School education plays a prominent role in every body’s existence. All the stages of training have their personal importance and advantages. Primary education prepares the bottom which allows for the duration of the existence, secondary schooling prepares the route for further have a look at and higher secondary schooling prepares the ultimate direction of the destiny and whole existence. Our right or bad education makes a decision that which sort of man or woman we might be within the destiny.

Beside of faculty, the method of studying whatever new is basically getting educated for the future. According to a studies magazine by means of a few Harvard scholars, it serves light on the top purposes of institutional pedagogy, that are:

• Think: Key cognitive techniques include problem-fixing, accomplishing research, deciphering outcomes and constructing quality paintings merchandise;

• Know: Key content know-how consists of the structure of understanding in middle topics, the cost of career-related know-how and the willingness to deplete effort to acquire knowledge;

• Act: Key mastering abilties and strategies encompass ownership of getting to know and learning techniques inclusive of time management, notice

taking, memorizing, strategic studying and collaborative studying; and

• Go: Key transition knowledge and competencies consist of post-secondary aspirations and norms, awareness of put up-secondary expenses and useful resource

opportunities, knowledge of eligibility and admissions criteria, profession cognizance, function and identity, and self-advocacy.

Learning can begin anywhere, every time but the question is, “How tons time will it lasts inside the conscious expertise?”

It’s a validated truth that things, learnt even as the usage of our maximum senses can enhance the satisfactory of gaining knowledge of and additionally enables to hold things in conscious for an extended period of time.

In traditional training, we had been using arms to write and eyes to read however, what have been missing turned into related sounds and actual visuals to extend the horizons of imaginations.

And it really is while we got here up with the word, ‘Digital Education-ware.’

Talking about the modern-day hot phrase of the 21st century is known as DIGITALIZATION.

We started out the adventure in 2010. When it become exceptionally agreed and now proven nowadays that digitalization is a ought to for academic progress.

As according to the Digital technique for teaching, it has blessings which include:

• Audio – addresses the wishes of the auditory learner and provides dimension to the education for all newcomers.

• Visual – content material is articulated, clarified and greater visually.

• Digital – continue to replace traditional audio/visible media.

however if we take things up in evaluation.

Traditional Learner

21st Century Learner

Sit and get

Move and experiment

Learn as receptor

Learn as initiator

Product orientes

Process & product oriented

Teacher Tells

Students constructs meaning

Paper/pencil driven

Teachnology enhanced learning; multimedia driven

Isolated learning; private

Shared globally; collaborated


Problem solver

Stayed the same

Changes constantly

There is one right way

There is no exact path.

Wait for results

Immediate gratification.

Every aspect has its own pros and cons, and we have been a prominent publisher in India, primarily for school books. We believe that every aspect of learning whether traditional or digital. If both are implemented together step by step, this can rectify everything about the learning process. And where ‘Deep Learning’ begin.

Now, we launch our school books with digital assets in the form of a compact disk. Educational content built around to create a specific environment in the classrooms and even anywhere, learning can begin with a special approach on a deeper level.

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  1. Wow! Really true. When the Pros of Traditional and Digital Learning gets merge together, the Result is of Deeper Learning.
    Thanx for sharing such a nice info with us.

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