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♦Evergreen Question Bank Class 10 English, Science, Social Science & Math Standard 2022-23 are based on latest & full syllabus
♦The Books Class 10 2022-23 comprises Revision Notes: Chapter wise & Topic wise
♦The book comprises a wide range of Objective Types Questions including MCQs, Assessment and Reasoning, Source/Extract/Case integrated questions, Mind maps and questions based on diagrams, data, pictures, etc.
♦Evergreen Question Bank is an examination-oriented book series that follows the latest syllabus and guidelines for marking schemes and question paper patterns issued by CBSE and ICSE.
♦5 Sample Question Papers for practice with QR codes for the solutions are produced in the book along with OMR Sheets at the end of each Unsolved paper for practice to make the student exam-ready and instigate better results.

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