With the pandemic in 2020, the education system took a big turn and started finding new and safer ways to educate children in the doors of their homes. Online learning or e-learning platforms were friendly for students above primary level. Taking the initiative of educating the kindergarten students, Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. launched evergreenkids.in, A complete web app for kindergarten.

Every child has a different pace of learning, so it’s always beneficial to have more than one approach or technique to ensure that children get the best of their education. As the world is going digital, and education is evolving from traditional methods to e-learning content, the concept of developing Evergreen Kids Web-App with the focus on fun-filled learning became a mission giving top priority to the education of kids.

Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. has been transforming education into interactive, participatory digital learning by implementing technological innovations, web support, multi-media resources and a variety of cognitive tools to propel and engage learners. With this new venture for kindergarteners, Evergreen Kids is constructed kid-friendly with engaging content of educative videos, stories and rhymes along with interactive activities for a child’s overall development. The interactive and engaging content with amazing animation makes learning an appealing and pleasurable experience for all.

Evergreen Kids is one of the best websites that cater fascinating learning material to children. It offers a goal to compose learning that is fun and interactive. The web app offers an enjoyable and reliable experience at home and school with interactive activities, informative videos, interesting stories and rhymes by using world-class skills in animation. The aim is to provide a playful experience to educate kids. Evergreen Kids web app strives to enhance the learning experience through a wide range of age-appropriate content. The content is written and edited by the experts, assuring you to provide trusted, reliable information for the cognitive development of kids. The themes introduce children to diverse concepts to nurture growth across primary developmental areas.

While little kiddies study through animated videos and fun tools, the web app serves as a resource and knowledge bank for parents, teachers and educators.

Following are the main modules available on the web app, each having specific importance and a significant role in facilitating education:

Smart Learning has age-appropriate concepts to foster cognitive growth and establish a world beyond textbooks

Interactive Activities are module-based, fun-filled exercises to boost primary education

Rhymes and Stories are narrated through innovative adaptations to spark the creative minds

Printable Worksheets are easily downloadable sheets to nurture raw creativity and knowledge Provide a new experience to your kids and boost their academic knowledge with evergreenkids.in

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