We all want the holistic development of our kids, want to teach them real skills and inculcate positive behaviour in them. But where to really start from? Books are an incredibly smart tool for teaching kids the best of the world because of the gentle way books approach a topic. They open conversations, introduce original concepts and help children consider new perspectives. Bearing this in mind, Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. profoundly presents its 23-book set titled ‘Go For Series’.

Go For Series is a pack of 23 books for kindergarten children from classes Nursery to UKG, that will teach children positive behaviour and all-rounded skills. If you are still looking for the best children-books for your young kindergarteners, we encourage you to give this series a go! Go For Series can be considered as a springboard for conversations. The series has been prepared with the purpose of arousing the imagination of young learners and providing an internal framework and active strategies that children can apply in their day-to-day life to nurture their overall growth. The activities and games with attractive graphics will help them enhance learning and lead to their personality development.

Go For Series is an interactive collection of skill-based books. The series caters to filling learning gaps and giving children all they need to understand topics in their own way. With a variety of books, children are introduced to some of the fundamental principles and skills for development and inculcate an extra bit of confidence in young learners. Go For Series includes mind-bending educational activities, fun-filled exercises with colourful illustrations and goals to bring a positive change in children’s day-to-day learning. Keeping the educational concept fun and intriguing, this is one of the best series that can provide a perfect start for kids and encourage them to learn more and better.

Go For Series is one of the best options for children developing cognitive skills. The series has been carefully crafted keeping in mind the growth years of every child, and the gradual learning level is considered majorly by the subject experts and teachers while designing the books. This vibrantly illustrated series is packed with everything, including early year concepts such as phonics, alphabets, numbers, shapes, rhymes and stories, general knowledge topics and much more. So, with an array of age-appropriate concepts and learning skills, the Go For Series is one of India’s best children-book series. So don’t be baffled by the sea of children’s books, we have your back with our number one series– Go For Series!

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