Give peace a chance!

The International Day of Peace celebrates the power of global solidarity for building a peaceful and sustainable world. At a time when war and violence often monopolize the news cycles, the International Day of Peace is an inspiring reminder of what we can create together.
Peace is possible. Throughout history, most societies have lived in peace most of the time. Beginning in 2002, September 21 marks not only a time to discuss how to promote and maintain peace among all peoples but also a 24-hour period of global ceasefire and non-violence for groups in active combat.

This year’s theme for International Peace Day is ‘End Racism: Build Peace’. Achieving true peace entails much more than laying down arms. It requires building societies where all members feel they can flourish and be safe. It involves creating a world where people are treated equally, regardless of race. Peace means not only the lack of violent conflicts but also the presence of justice and equity, as well as respect for human rights and the Earth.
Violence is a complex concept. Lower education opportunities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods, limited access to leisure, harmful working conditions in certain fields of work, and so on are acts of structural and cultural violence directly influencing people’s access to their rights. Such learning can only be achieved with systematic education for peace. One of the most potent tools, education, enables space for non-violent conflict resolution.

Recognizing the importance of early education and its role in building peaceful communities, Evergreen Publications wishes you a very Happy International Day of Peace!

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