Lohri Celebration at Evergreen Publications

As we’re situated in Punjab, the enthusiasm of Lohri celebration was already infectious among the mini-India under the roof of Evergreen Publications. A superb celebration of Lohri held at our Jalandhar Multimedia Office. The dusky hours got enlightened with the Lohri bonfire on the terrace of Multimedia Office of eEvergreen Publications.

Lohri celebration turned out to be more than just a festivity, at Evergreen Publications. All the employees showcased their sturdy, jovial, fun, loving and energetic side. Lohri celebration not only symbolized workspace friendship but also encouraged unity in the workspace by promoting communication between different departments in the office.Lohri Celebration at Evergreen Publications

From sharing Pizza slices to memories, this Lohri we made memories worth sharing. Because after all, these messy moments make one giggle about after some years passed away.

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