When you hear education for toddlers, what comes to your mind? Children’s books that can teach kids how to read, write, learn, and understand, along with nurture their creativity and facilitate their young minds. And when you can get all these skills enhancing learning concepts in one series of books, it will be helpful for kids to create a link between what they are learning throughout their kindergarten days. With this thought, Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. has designed one of the best children-book series – My Way Series, with concepts developed by subject experts, child education specialists and teachers to provide the best education and learning to the children.
My Way Series is a set of 21-books meant for kindergarten children from class Nursery to UKG. This book series has been carefully crafted with the sole purpose of arousing the imagination of young learners and exploiting their talent to learn, sing, draw and colour, along with focusing on developing their motor and cognitive skills for holistic growth. The book welcomes the kids to the world of learning and illustrates the concept of alphabets, numbers, handwriting, phonics, picture reading, rhymes and stories, art and craft with engaging activities and fun-filled education to make the learning process more captivating for children.

The series is one of India’s best children’s books that introduce kids to the world of fascination for words, numbers and colours. One common feature that weaves through all the books of this series is the gradual process of learning and understanding that has been developed, considering the cognitive growth of children’s young and tender minds.
This book caters to the basic concepts of learning in easy to understand manner using innovative and meaningful illustrations with fun-filled activities and games to build a strong educational base of young readers. Thus, the series equips the children with skills that are necessary for building the learning process and providing a better understanding of pre-school education.
Evergreen My Way Series includes books on Alphabet, Numbers, Colours, Rhymes, Shapes, Environment, and languages, including Hindi and Punjabi.

The books of this series are:

  • My Way Alphabet – Capital Letters
  • My Way Fun with Numbers – A
  • My Way Alphabet – Small Letters
  • My Way Fun with Numbers – B
  • My Way Phono Skill Activity Reader – A
  • My Way Green Earth – A
  • My Way Phono Skill Activity Reader – B
  • My Way Green Earth – B
  • My Way Phono Skill Workbook – A
  • My Way हिंदी स्वर और व्यंजन सीखें
  • My Way Phono Skill Workbook – B
  • My Way हिंदी स्वर लिखें
  • My Way Sing Along – A
  • My Way हिंदी व्यंकजन लिखें
  • My Way Sing Along – B
  • My Way गाएं और गुनगुनाएँ – 1
  • My Way Sing Along – C
  • My Way गाएं और गुनगुनाएँ – 2
  • My Way Fun With Pictures – A
  • My Way ਪੜ੍ਹੋ ਤੇ ਲਿਖੋ
  • My Way Fun With Pictures – B

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