About the series
Candid New Trends in Social Science is a new series of Social Studies books for classes 1 to 8. It is based on the latest CBSE syllabus.
These books seek to inculcate in the young learners of 21st century, skills of thinking out of the box and analysis problems, situations and issues. The young learners also develop citizenship skills needed in our culturally diverse society and to become global citizens of the world today.

Highlights of New Trends in Social Science
• Simple language, supported by appropriate illustrations and ‘source boxes’, helps to explore History in a new way.
• Interpreting and analysing maps, charts, graphs and data make teaching and learning of Geography and civics more meaningful.
• Carefully structured exercises make the teaching and learning of Social Science more effective. They help to reinforce what has been learnt.
• ‘Cause and Effect’ boxes sharpen the mind and help to identify the problems and analyse their effects.
• Case Studies give a detailed and an in-depth study of the topics.
• ‘Vocabulary Support’ and ‘Explain the term’ improve vocabulary and comprehension.
• ‘Connect to Today’ is anew concept which correlates history with the present times.
• ‘Elsewhere’ tells about the happenings in other parts of the world when the events described in the chapter were taking place.
• Skills like ‘Research’ and ‘Create a photo-exhibit’ help explore and acquire information from the internet and to effectively use digital tools.
• Stimulating exercises and brain-storming sessions sharpen the intellect.
• ‘Web Links’ help in exploring relevant websites for further information.
• ‘Analytic and comprehensive skills’ develop skills of thinking out of the box and forming opinions.
Real life situations develop problem-solving skills.
• Timeline‘ makes it easy to comprehend the chronology of different events in history.
• ‘Book Club’ and ‘Create an art gallery’ develop ay and a skills.

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