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Purely based on the syllabus Beautiful presentation and beautiful layout of the matter in the books. The series rich with the artwork. Subjects matter has been explained in the steps and students can learn the topics with great ease Matter has been presented in a very lucid style with neat and clean screenshots and pictures All the books of the series cover healthy exercise – both formative and summative, with different types of questions including Application Based Questions and Lab Activities




With the pandemic in 2020, the education system took a big turn and started finding new and safer ways to educate children in the doors of their homes. Online learning or e-learning platforms were friendly for students above primary level. Taking the initiative of educating the kindergarten students, Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. launched evergreenkids.in, A complete web app for kindergarten.

Every child has a different pace of learning, so it’s always beneficial to have more than one approach or technique to ensure that children get the best of their education. As the world is going digital, and education is evolving from traditional methods to e-learning content, the concept of developing Evergreen Kids Web-App with the focus on fun-filled learning became a mission giving top priority to the education of kids.

Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. has been transforming education into interactive, participatory digital learning by implementing technological innovations, web support, multi-media resources and a variety of cognitive tools to propel and engage learners. With this new venture for kindergarteners, Evergreen Kids is constructed kid-friendly with engaging content of educative videos, stories and rhymes along with interactive activities for a child’s overall development. The interactive and engaging content with amazing animation makes learning an appealing and pleasurable experience for all.

Evergreen Kids is one of the best websites that cater fascinating learning material to children. It offers a goal to compose learning that is fun and interactive. The web app offers an enjoyable and reliable experience at home and school with interactive activities, informative videos, interesting stories and rhymes by using world-class skills in animation. The aim is to provide a playful experience to educate kids. Evergreen Kids web app strives to enhance the learning experience through a wide range of age-appropriate content. The content is written and edited by the experts, assuring you to provide trusted, reliable information for the cognitive development of kids. The themes introduce children to diverse concepts to nurture growth across primary developmental areas.

While little kiddies study through animated videos and fun tools, the web app serves as a resource and knowledge bank for parents, teachers and educators.

Following are the main modules available on the web app, each having specific importance and a significant role in facilitating education:

Smart Learning has age-appropriate concepts to foster cognitive growth and establish a world beyond textbooks

Interactive Activities are module-based, fun-filled exercises to boost primary education

Rhymes and Stories are narrated through innovative adaptations to spark the creative minds

Printable Worksheets are easily downloadable sheets to nurture raw creativity and knowledge Provide a new experience to your kids and boost their academic knowledge with evergreenkids.in

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India planning to launch 6G services by end of decade: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that 5G technology will contribute $450 billion to India’s economy in the next decade and a half. He also said that India should be ready to launch 6G services in the next ten years, for which a task force has already started its work.

Speaking at a programme marking the 25 years of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) on Tuesday, PM Modi said, “5G will contribute $450 billion to the Indian economy. Not just the speed of the Internet, 5G will also increase the speed of economic development and employment generation. By the end of this decade, we should be able to launch 6G services, and our task force has started working on it”.

Modi also said that whereas the 2G era was marked by “corruption and policy paralysis”, the country has moved “transparently” to 4G and now 5G. He added that mobile manufacturing units in India have expanded from 2 to over 200 and that the country is “today the world’s biggest mobile manufacturing hub.”

PM Modi also launched an indigenous 5G test bed developed as a multi-institute collaborative project by a total of eight institutes led by IIT Madras. The test bed can be used by the telecom industry, start-up During this address, the Prime Minister also said that every village in the country is being connected with optical fibre. While noting that before 2014, “not even 100 village panchayats in India were provided with optical fibre connectivity,” the Prime Minister said, “Today we have made broadband connectivity reach about 1.75 lakh gram panchayats. Hundreds of government services are reaching the villages because of this.”

During the video conference, wherein he released a postal stamp commemorating TRAI’s silver jubilee celebrations, the PM noted that India was the ‘fastest in the world in terms of teledensity and internet users’.

“In the last 8 years, we have infused a new energy into the telecom sector with the ‘Panchamrita’ of Reach, Reform, Regulate, Respond and Revolutionise. TRAI has played a very important role in this,” he said at the occasion.s and researchers, to validate their prototypes in 5G.



In this time of competition, we are all beginning to prepare our children to excel in almost all fields, but especially in academia. From the school year, children receive an education that helps them increase their worldly knowledge for self-improvement.
To be a partner in educating students and leading them to their academic success, Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. has established itself as a pioneer in the field of education.
Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. is ISO certified and one of the leading publications in India, operates through a number of affiliates not only for publishing the best books and study materials for India and abroad, but also as a comprehensive solution for digital, online teaching and learning tools. We use technological advances to transform education into interactive digital learning, web support, multimedia resources and various thinking tools for students and teachers.


The Evergreen Self-Study Series is one of the best study guides to serve the academic needs of children. The self-study series is available for the CBSE, ICSE and ISC school curricula. To meet the growing demand of students studying at schools affiliated with ICSE / CBSE Boards, we have released our prestigious series of self-study in all subjects for groups 6 to 12. These books are a great help to students because they have an exam-oriented approach. It is updated and updated annually. An important part of our best-selling series, self-study books, is a test-based approach. The Self-Study series follows easy-to-understand concepts, illustrative information and key questions based on NCERT. There are chapter tests for each chapter in this series, along with web support and online tests for each chapter, making it the best educational guide for students. A self-study series that is better than the exam method provides a way to help students improve their knowledge and evaluate their learning to lead them to their goals. CBSE / ICSE based on these self-study books is a better way to prepare for the exam. After each chapter, you can scan the QR code and try an online test drive. The main features of the Self-Study series are the various questions offered in terms of research, namely mind maps, Objective (type MCQ) and Subjective types of questions, questions and exercises based on NCERT, Questions based on case studies, Question Bank and more.

In addition, the self-study series, which supports the CBSE and ICSE study standards, can also be easily purchased cash on delivery (COD). Evergreen Publications is the best website to buy books online, buy books directly from publisher and the best platform to buy books cash on delivery all over India. With this, nothing can stop the students from gaining better quality education and leading towards success by achieving their exam goals.


Google’s self-driving car or driverless car

A self-driving vehicle or driverless vehicle is a vehicle that utilizes a mix of sensors, cameras, radar and man-made brainpower (AI) to go between objections without a human administrator. To qualify as completely independent, a vehicle should have the option to explore without human mediation to a foreordained objective over streets that poor person been adjusted for its utilization.

Companies creating and additionally testing autonomous vehicles incorporate Audi, BMW, Ford, Google, General Motors, Tesla, Volkswagen and Volvo. Google’s test included an armada of self-driving vehicles – – including Toyota Prii and an Audi TT – – exploring more than 140,000 miles of California roads and interstates.

How self-driving vehicles work
Man-made intelligence advancements power self-driving vehicle frameworks. Engineers of self-driving vehicles utilize tremendous measures of information from picture acknowledgment frameworks, alongside AI and brain organizations, to assemble frameworks that can drive independently.

The brain networks distinguish designs in the information, which is taken care of to the AI calculations. That information remembers pictures from cameras for self-driving vehicles from which the brain network figures out how to recognize traffic signals, trees, checks, people on foot, road signs and different pieces of some random driving climate.

For instance, Google’s self-driving vehicle project, called Waymo, utilizes a blend of sensors, lidar (an innovation like RADAR) and cameras and consolidates each of the information those frameworks create to recognize everything around the vehicle and anticipate what those items could do straightaway. This occurs in parts of a second. Development is significant for these frameworks. The more the framework drives, the more information it can integrate into its profound learning calculations, empowering it to pursue more nuanced driving decisions.

The accompanying blueprints how Google Waymo vehicles work:
The driver (or traveller) sets an objective. The vehicle’s product works out a course.

A pivoting, rooftop mounted Lidar sensor screens a 60-meter range around the vehicle and makes a unique three-layered (3D) guide of the vehicle’s ongoing climate. Continue reading


Self Study Series

In this serious period, we as a whole beginning setting up our kids to outclass in virtually every field except above all in the field of scholastic. From their institute age, youngsters are given training that can assist them with expanding their common information for personal growth. To be a student’s review buddy and guide them in their scholastic achievement, Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd. has set up a good foundation for itself as a pilgrim in the field of instruction.
Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd. is an ISO Certified and one of the unmistakable distributions of India, managing various branches, not just for distributing sharp books and study accessories for India and abroad yet additionally as a one-stop result for advanced, online education and mentoring apparatuses. We have been utilizing innovative headway to change instruction into intelligent computerized education, web support, multi-media money vaults and an assortment of mental apparatuses for researchers and preceptors.
Evergreen Self-Study series is one of the snappy review orderlies that feed to kids’ scholastic necessities. The Self-concentrate on series is accessible for CBSE, ICSE and ISC institute classes. To make do with the adding request of researchers concentrating on in theological colleges joined with ICSE/CBSE Boards, we distribute our lofty series of Self-Study regarding all matters for classes 6 to 12. These books are of incredible assistance to the researchers in view of their assessment familiar methodology. These are changed and smoothed out like clockwork. Self-Study books is its test-grounded approach. The Self-concentrate on series follows straightforward all inclusive statements, elucidation data and NCERT-grounded significant inquiries. Section tests with every part, alongside web support and online tests for every part, are accessible with this series, and that is the very thing makes it the classy schooling ally for the researchers. With its better than anyone might have expected test approach, Self-concentrate on series gives a method for assisting researchers with upgrading their insight and gauge their education which will lead the researchers toward their assumptions. CBSE/ICSE grounded these Self-Study books are a superior method for being test prepared. You can neglect the QR regulation given after each section and get your hands on internet based test appraisal. The principal highlights of the Self Study series are the assortment of inquiries presented from assessment point, that is to say, Mind graphs, Ideal (MCQ type) and Private sorts questions, NCERT grounded questions and activities, Case concentrate on grounded questions, Question banks and various further.
Other than this, the Self-concentrate on series that accentuates both CBSE and ICSE concentrate on designs, is additionally simple to purchase with the establishment of money down (COD). Evergreen Publications is the stage to purchase books money down each over India. With this, nothing can prevent the researchers from acquiring better quality schooling and driving towards progress by accomplishing their test assumptions.Self Study Series



In this competitive period, we all start preparing our children to outmatch in nearly every field but most importantly in the field of academics. From their academy age, children are given education that can help them to increase their worldly knowledge for self- improvement. To be a pupil’s study companion and guide them in their academic success, Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd. has established itself as a colonist in the field of education.
Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd. is an ISO Certified and one of the prominent publications of India, working through a number of branches, not only for publishing stylish books and study accoutrements for India and abroad but also as a one- stop result for digital, online literacy and tutoring tools. We have been using technological advancements to transfigure education into interactive digital literacy, web support, multi-media coffers and a variety of cognitive tools for scholars and preceptors.

Evergreen Self-Study series (CBSE Self-Study and ICSE Self-Study) is one of the stylish study attendants that feed to children’s academic requirements. The Self- study series is available for CBSE, ICSE and ISC academy classes. To manage with the adding demand of scholars studying in seminaries combined with ICSE/ CBSE Boards, we publish our prestigious series of Self- Study on all subjects for classes 6 to 12. These books are of great help to the scholars because of their examination acquainted approach. These are revised and streamlined every time. The salient point of our series, Self- Study books is its test- grounded approach. The Self- study series follows easy to understand generalities, elucidative information and NCERT- grounded important questions. Chapter tests with each chapter, along with web support and online tests for each chapter, are available with this series, and that’s what makes it the stylish education companion for the scholars. With its better than before test approach, Self- study series provides a way to help scholars enhance their knowledge and estimate their literacy which will lead the scholars toward their pretensions. CBSE/ ICSE grounded these Self- Study books are a better way to be test ready. You can overlook the QR law given after every chapter and get your hands on online test assessment. The main features of the Self Study series are the variety of questions offered from examination point, that is, Mind charts, Ideal (MCQ type) and Private types questions, NCERT grounded questions and exercises, Case study grounded questions, Question banks and numerous further.
Besides all this, the Self- study series that emphasises both CBSE and ICSE study patterns, is also easy to buy with the installation of cash on delivery (COD). Evergreen Publications is the platform to buy books cash on delivery each over India. With this, nothing can stop the scholars from gaining better quality education and leading towards success by achieving their test pretensions.



People say, “The best way to express yourself is through art.” It just takes the right platform to showcase the talent and shine out with prosperity. Ved Parkash and Sons, a company whose long successful history speaks for itself, took the initiative and provided such a platform for the new and talented budding artists.
Ved Parkash and Sons (India) Ltd. is a renowned firm of India serving as avant-garde in the field of manufacturing best-quality paper stationery products. Ved Parkash and Sons have been one of India’s best publishing houses, dealing with the marketing of high-quality notebooks, diaries, drawing and scrapbooks, office notebooks, notepads and other stationery products. Believing that one of the secrets of effective education lies in the qualitative range of stationery products that support and enhance the education process, the company offers fascinating school products and fine office materials.

This year, Ved Parkash and Sons, with its sister concern – Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd., took a fantastic initiative for the budding kids and organized a ‘National-Level Drawing Competition’ for the students all across the nation. During this Post-Covid time, the company decided to offer the kids a platform to boost their confidence and exhibit their creativity to gain exposure. Ved Parkash and Sons organized this ‘National Drawing Competition’ through the esteemed schools of India. The company requested schools to bring forward the hidden talent of the students and support them to shine out at the National Level.
The outshining results of this wonderful initiative by Ved Parkash and Sons (EPIL) were seen earlier this week when a few schools of India took part in this ‘National Drawing Competition’ and led their students towards the ladder of a creative future.

Savera Public School, Amritsar, conducted this competition for the students of all the groups as per the competition requirements. By following the topic themes specified for the contest, the students participated in the competition with full enthusiasm to showcase their artistic sides. The students put on their creative hats and depicted their creative talent through drawing, colouring, painting and sketching various illustrations based on the topics allotted to them.
Little Nanhe Manke Public School, Punjab, also directed the competition for their kindergarten kids, who imprinted their little hands on drawing sheets and did handprint art. This way, the school introduced the kids to a national level competition and gave them a boost to be more creative and feel happy.

With a clear objective of the welfare of the fresh and talented minds, Ved Parkash and Sons is directing this competition, with no personal details of participants or related teachers required, no participation fee and seek no earnings out of this. Schools can flexibly conduct the competition as per their schedule and suitability. Schools are whole-heartily invited to participate in this ‘National Drawing Competition’ and give their students a creative pathway to show their exceptional talent.