CBSE Python Best Book

This book on artificial intelligence has been considered by many as one of the best AI books for beginners. It is less technical and gives an overview of the various topics revolving around AI. The writing is simple and all concepts and explanations can be easily understood by the reader. The concepts covered include subjects such as search algorithms, game theory, multi-agent systems, statistical Natural Language Processing, local search planning methods, etc. The book also touches upon Continue reading


CBSE AI Best Book

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has taken the world by storm. Almost every industry across the globe is incorporating AI for a variety of applications and use cases. Some of its wide range of applications includes process automation, predictive analysis, fraud detection, improving customer experience, etc.
To learn more about AI and its concepts, you can start by reading the Top Artificial Intelligence Continue reading


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About Artificial Intelligence

About Artificial Intelligence:

Objectives of AI

  1. To understand the evolution of Artificial Intelligence.
  2.  To identify human Intelligence attributes which can be applied to machines
  3. To interact with three domains of AI: Data, Computer Vision and Natural Language Processing

In our day to day life we are using various AI enabled gadgets such as Google assistant, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa and other AI enabled services like Netflix and YouTube search behaviour and recommendation. Have you ever wonder how these services are developed? Let us have a closer look.
Artificial Intelligence is the simulation of natural intelligence in machines that are Continue reading


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