Sneaks from the Holi celebration at Office! It was much more than splashing colours.

Holi Celebration at Evergreen Publications

The best part of our organization is it was originated in India, the land of diversity and multicultural beliefs. One of such festival was celebrated this month at Multimedia Office of Evergreen Publications.
Holi was celebrated in open terrace area of the office. There was no doubt that Evergreen’iez would ever miss such opportunity to play with colours. Whether its publishing, digital works or even real life, we know how to pour the right colour at a right moment. Continue reading


Lohri Celebration At Evergreen Publications: Dancing Around the Bonfire to Celebrate Co-workerhood.


Lohri Celebration at Evergreen Publications

As we’re situated in Punjab, the enthusiasm of Lohri celebration was already infectious among the mini-India under the roof of Evergreen Publications. A superb celebration of Lohri held at our Jalandhar Multimedia Office. The dusky hours got enlightened with the Lohri bonfire on the terrace of Multimedia Office of eEvergreen Publications. Continue reading


E-Learning Technologies To Improve Educational Quality

Use of computer systems and new technologies have grow to be a critical a part of getting to know as well as coaching. E-studying these days has been a key aspect in numerous industries and coaching is one among them; especially coaching language. E-getting to know has redefined some techniques and ideas of coaching that have enabled the coaching community to carry out higher.Educational Updates, technology in

The efforts of instructors and era mixed to improve the quality of education and learning attempts to emphasize a number of benefits. Though the usage of e-getting to know is growing in language teaching, there are nevertheless certain drawbacks connected to it. Advancement in E-getting to know extends similarly possibilities of getting to know going past Continue reading


The Benefits of Android Apps in Education

Evergreen Publication has launched an Android Application, which is specially developed for the Learners of this generation of Smart classes. We have Designed this Mobile Application keeping all the Needs and Requirements of a learner in mind.android in education

There are Number of Benefits of using Mobile Applications in School Education

  • Enhanced Interaction

Experts say that apps in education will build youngsters a lot of interactive and activate higher engagement between oldsters and youngsters. The foremost effective approach is to have interaction with the kids whereas they’re using applications. Interaction tendency in youngsters is increased by mobile applications. Continue reading


The Contribution of traditional and digital education in deeper learning.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Deeper Learning, Educational Updates, elearning, Traditional Education

A character’s achievement doesn’t belong to the things he is aware of approximately, but his by no means-ending efforts to study something new. Curiosity can play its position everywhere, in any situation, for any medium. Whether it is about studying books to the creation of a brand new portray. Education is a never ending manner and can last till infinity.

Good training may be very vital for all to get beforehand in lifestyles and to attain achievement. It develops confidence and helps to build the man or woman of a person. School education plays a prominent role in every body’s existence. All the stages of training have their personal importance and advantages. Primary education prepares the bottom which allows for the duration of the existence, secondary schooling prepares the route for further have a look at and higher secondary schooling prepares the ultimate direction of the destiny and whole existence. Our right or bad education makes a Continue reading


Evergreen At Glance

Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. is an ISO Certified and one of the prestigious and paramount publications of India, We are the pioneers, not only for publishing books and study materials for India and abroad but also as one-stop solution for printing, digital teaching tools (computer/ tab based), skill-enhancement workshops and seminars. We are not providing the study material only in the form of Books, but we are also providing our readers and educators eBook tabs, Mobile application and Educational software specially designed for Schools.  Our continued rapid growth and experience is a testament to the quality, authenticity and trust that our readers experiences every day.