A is for apple, B is for ball, C is for cat, D is for dog. Do you remember the rhyme? You may not realize that phonics and phonemic awareness are vital to developing good verbal skills. It has been proved that phonics is the best way for a child to learn to read as reading develops skills like listening, speaking, writing, attention span, vocabulary, general knowledge and comprehension.

Phonics make children familiar with the beginning and ending sounds. The phonics method is widely promoted by many researchers, literacy experts and teachers as the most effective way for children to learn and read. Phonological awareness improves the vocabulary and imagination of little learners. From letter pronunciation to word building, phonics knowledge helps develop a strong hold over essential English fluency.

Keeping the phonetic development of every child in mind, Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. presents Phonics for Easy Reading series for children to learn and recall alphabets and pick up separate sounds in spoken words. Phonics for Easy Reading is the best series of three books, beginning with sounds connected with 26 letters of the English Alphabet, Vowels and Consonants. The book is designed with a children-friendly approach focusing on all aspects of the language curriculum- speaking, listening, reading, and writing. This workbook-based series aims to make learning an extraordinary experience by introducing kids to engaging phonetic content described well through colourful illustrations.

Introduce kids to essential language comprehension skills with India’s one of the best children-books crafted carefully with engaging worksheets, easy-to-solve activities and thorough learning concepts. This book is extremely helpful in creating a child’s strong base in building vocabulary, word blending and formation skills. Evergreen Candid Phonics for Easy Reading series is prepared by subject experts and teachers, signifying the developing age and cognitive aspect of kids’ minds.




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