In this competitive period, we all start preparing our children to outmatch in nearly every field but most importantly in the field of academics. From their academy age, children are given education that can help them to increase their worldly knowledge for self- improvement. To be a pupil’s study companion and guide them in their academic success, Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd. has established itself as a colonist in the field of education.
Evergreen Publications (India)Ltd. is an ISO Certified and one of the prominent publications of India, working through a number of branches, not only for publishing stylish books and study accoutrements for India and abroad but also as a one- stop result for digital, online literacy and tutoring tools. We have been using technological advancements to transfigure education into interactive digital literacy, web support, multi-media coffers and a variety of cognitive tools for scholars and preceptors.

Evergreen Self-Study series (CBSE Self-Study and ICSE Self-Study) is one of the stylish study attendants that feed to children’s academic requirements. The Self- study series is available for CBSE, ICSE and ISC academy classes. To manage with the adding demand of scholars studying in seminaries combined with ICSE/ CBSE Boards, we publish our prestigious series of Self- Study on all subjects for classes 6 to 12. These books are of great help to the scholars because of their examination acquainted approach. These are revised and streamlined every time. The salient point of our series, Self- Study books is its test- grounded approach. The Self- study series follows easy to understand generalities, elucidative information and NCERT- grounded important questions. Chapter tests with each chapter, along with web support and online tests for each chapter, are available with this series, and that’s what makes it the stylish education companion for the scholars. With its better than before test approach, Self- study series provides a way to help scholars enhance their knowledge and estimate their literacy which will lead the scholars toward their pretensions. CBSE/ ICSE grounded these Self- Study books are a better way to be test ready. You can overlook the QR law given after every chapter and get your hands on online test assessment. The main features of the Self Study series are the variety of questions offered from examination point, that is, Mind charts, Ideal (MCQ type) and Private types questions, NCERT grounded questions and exercises, Case study grounded questions, Question banks and numerous further.
Besides all this, the Self- study series that emphasises both CBSE and ICSE study patterns, is also easy to buy with the installation of cash on delivery (COD). Evergreen Publications is the platform to buy books cash on delivery each over India. With this, nothing can stop the scholars from gaining better quality education and leading towards success by achieving their test pretensions.

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