Good Ideas can come at anytime, So Always have a pencil to hand by Evergreen PublicationsCreation of a prototype has always been an easy task, especially when you can play with multiple layers of samples under the platforms of different creative software. But still, the creation of prototypes via the help of technology is not considered as an ideal way to solve a problem visually.While planning a format for a website or mobile application or to even plan a storyboard workflow, sketching is more efficient. You can be as much as creative as you want to with a pen in your hand. It prevents you to get caught up with technology and avoids the clash of ideas. Enabling you to come up with more creative and effective solutions.Prototyping via skecthing by Evergreen PublicationsWe’re a technology-centred workplace with a high zeal for creativity. Sketching is a crucial part for us. As eEvergreen has always been a place full of creativity and enthusiasm. We’ve always embraced talents in the workplace. One of the creative artist at the workplace Mr Vipan Kumar organised a sketching workshop. All the Graphic Designers, Animators and VFX Artists practised human figures, perspective and other creative terms from Artist Vipan. It was wonderful to see how our creative workforce furnished their hands in real life sketching.

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