In this time of competition, we are all beginning to prepare our children to excel in almost all fields, but especially in academia. From the school year, children receive an education that helps them increase their worldly knowledge for self-improvement.
To be a partner in educating students and leading them to their academic success, Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. has established itself as a pioneer in the field of education.
Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. is ISO certified and one of the leading publications in India, operates through a number of affiliates not only for publishing the best books and study materials for India and abroad, but also as a comprehensive solution for digital, online teaching and learning tools. We use technological advances to transform education into interactive digital learning, web support, multimedia resources and various thinking tools for students and teachers.


The Evergreen Self-Study Series is one of the best study guides to serve the academic needs of children. The self-study series is available for the CBSE, ICSE and ISC school curricula. To meet the growing demand of students studying at schools affiliated with ICSE / CBSE Boards, we have released our prestigious series of self-study in all subjects for groups 6 to 12. These books are a great help to students because they have an exam-oriented approach. It is updated and updated annually. An important part of our best-selling series, self-study books, is a test-based approach. The Self-Study series follows easy-to-understand concepts, illustrative information and key questions based on NCERT. There are chapter tests for each chapter in this series, along with web support and online tests for each chapter, making it the best educational guide for students. A self-study series that is better than the exam method provides a way to help students improve their knowledge and evaluate their learning to lead them to their goals. CBSE / ICSE based on these self-study books is a better way to prepare for the exam. After each chapter, you can scan the QR code and try an online test drive. The main features of the Self-Study series are the various questions offered in terms of research, namely mind maps, Objective (type MCQ) and Subjective types of questions, questions and exercises based on NCERT, Questions based on case studies, Question Bank and more.

In addition, the self-study series, which supports the CBSE and ICSE study standards, can also be easily purchased cash on delivery (COD). Evergreen Publications is the best website to buy books online, buy books directly from publisher and the best platform to buy books cash on delivery all over India. With this, nothing can stop the students from gaining better quality education and leading towards success by achieving their exam goals.

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