e-Learning is revolutionizing education at a very high speed. In some parts of the world it is highly preferred while some consider it as a secondary option for learning or maybe of no use at all. 

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So, here we brought you a list of misconceptions and myths about this modern way of education with realities behind it.

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Generally people consider smartphone as a mode of entertainment, communication and a fit for recreational purposes, renaming it as a distraction for learners.

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If e-learning content is engaging enough and learner is willing to learn new things then it is proven to be the most powerful asset for effective learning in the field of e-education.

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It is considered that e-learning can only be beneficial for students of higher grades due to complex user experience.Elearning facts, elearning updates, educational updates, elearning facts

It is proven that students who are active e-learners from lower grades are more familiar with wide variety of topics and have more flexible understanding of concepts. Nowadays apps are enabled with very friendly user experience technology ensuring a distraction free environment while learning.Elearning myths, elearning facts, educational updates, elearning updates, elearning for toppers

It is considered that only topper students deserve the modern methodology.elearning updates, educational updates, elearning for everyone

The right learning can take any every student to next level. As mentioned before that e-learning is for everyone as its flexible approach empowers every student’s learning experience.

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