In today’s world, technology has replaced everything. In times long past, one looked for ways to stay entertained on a rainy day. Activity sparked creativity giving way to future budding artists. Wasn’t that magical?

At Evergreen Publications, we view creativity as something special. Art as flavourful and unique. Evergreen Art and Craft series is one of a kind! Filled with refreshing and wonderful ideas, watch your tiny tots create their own beautiful world. Each page of this book has been designed to set forth a new way of thinking about art. The guided art activities are not only easy-to-follow but will also keep your child busy on an unimaginative day.

Be it mixed media activity, understanding texture, understanding colour, scratch art, origami art, seed rangoli, Madhubani art, Complete The Sketch, etc.. the list of activities is endless. The craft activities presented in our book require only everyday and easy-to-find supplies like crayons, wax, paper, scissors, glue. Children will not only polish their motor skills but our Art and Craft series will help develop their concepts like colour, number. This book is a small pack of joy and novel ideas. Enriched with Do-It-Yourself activities, familiarize your child with chemical processes such as glue drying! Such interactive activities will not only shape your child into an artist but will also help create lifetime memories. Carve out the best for young ones with Evergreen-Art and Craft series.

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