A human heart is the most fragile organ as it gets easily attached and affected by diseases. A human heart is so brittle that half of the NCD deaths are caused due to heart diseases or stroke, making it the world’s number one serial killer.
So to save a heart, World Heart Federation started a global campaign- World Heart Day, celebrated every year on September 29, to inform and educate the people to take charge of their heart health and that of others. Through this campaign, the World Heart Federation unites people in the fight against the CVD burden and encourage heart-healthy living across the world.
Hence, it is obligatory to highlight the actions that individuals can take by controlling risk factors such as tobacco use, unhealthy diet and physical inactivity.
Every heart deserves to live longer and to make it worth here are some Heart-Healthy Lifestyle tips to save yourself from a literal heart break.

Tips for a Heart-Healthy Lifestyle:
1. Every lifestyle gets better with a healthy diet pattern. Some say, they live to eat, but how can they live longer with an unhealthy diet? To live better, one needs to focus and alter their scrappy pattern to a heart healthy diet pattern.
2. The word ‘Exercise’ might come with a hidden message of tiredness, but some physical activity and stretch-outs can make you look younger than before and healthier than ever.
3. Filling your entire body with smoke increases the risk of heart attack and stroke almost straight away. So think smartly and throw that cigarette out.
4. You know, a modest diet control pattern can also control your cholesterol and blood pressure, which is considered as the key to your heart health.
5. Laugh out Loud (Lol) lingo should not be confined to text, but in real life too. Laughter and happiness helps to manage the stressors and makes you live your heart out.

The World Heart Day makes us aware that it’s high time we take charge of our heart health and fight against CVD and as World Heart Federation say, “It uses a Heart to prevent Heartbreak”.

Curious about the functioning of heart? Follow this link to know more.

-Muskan Sidana

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