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Radio was invented in 1895 by an Italian named Gugliemo Marconi. It was first originally called the wireless telegraph and used radio waves to transmit Morse Code. Despite being numerous years old, the radio is one of the most popular ways to broadcast information everywhere on the earth. The power of radio isn’t that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions. It has been used to help people, including youth, to have an interaction in discussions on topics that affect them. It can save lives during the hard period like disasters, and it gives journalists a platform to report facts and tell their stories.

Celebrate World Radio Day
World Radio Day was first officially celebrated in 2012. Each year the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates World Radio Day by planning activities with broadcasters, organizations and communities around the world.
This year in 2020 the theme of Radio Day is “Radio and Diversity”.

On the occasion of World Radio Day, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that in an era of rapid media evolution, radio still has the power to bring people together and provide communities with vital news and information.

On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharati Shashi Shekhar Vempati said that radio has a very unique role and place in people’s life. He said, several parts of the country continue to rely on radio as their primary medium and source of information.

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