Year 2021: Let’s make it Productive

The year 2020 has not been the best, but it taught us a lot about leading life and circumstances. And now its time to take all those learnt lessons with a radiant smile in 2021. It’d be pretty early to say that 2021 will be our year, but at least we can try to obtain the utmost of it.

The past is to remember, the future is to accomplish, and the present is to live.”

The awe of what will come next stops us from exploring the doors of the marvel, and we are left at a corner waiting for the right period or occasion. But how can we figure out if the time is right? It never comes with a badge around its shoulder. Dream job, following a passion, setting priorities, time management, life-desires and what not; we all have an imaginary wish-list but fail to carry out, waiting for the right moment. And we might be running out of our perfect time, right now!

If not now, then when?”

We cannot impute the year if we our-self don’t make attempts to improve it. We don’t have any lifelines to achieve our dreams. Remember, the year is just time and how to utilize that, its in our hands.

Guide to a Productive Year

  • Make a Resolution: A new year can never begin without you promising something to yourself, that you want to accomplish this year. Discover a productive resolution that can induce some positive shift in your life, which you have been planning to strike. Just remember, resolutions are not to breach, but a word you make to yourself. Choose and act upon your resolutions wisely.
  • Loop of Goals: Goals are like infinity rings, a never-ending loop our life twirls around. One achieved we move on to the next and then next. So these little goals hold equal priority in our life. But it is essential to anchor a short aim for every day. It will wrap you in an attitude of setting and accomplishing mini-goals, eventually heading towards your chief end. A To-Do List will help you figure out your day to day actions, giving you a sense of conquest.
  • Plan your time: Acing the time tool is the most perplexing task to accomplish. Most of us lack this management art because of procrastination. The act of dawdling the responsibility has repercussions which we scorn to notice at first, but it can be troublesome. Time management does not mean rushing into things but to adequately perform the worthy tasks prior. Instead of working hard, you can work smarter and ace it.
  • Try 21-day Trial: You stick to a specific task for 21 days, every day, and soon you will become accustomed to it. It’s a basic 21-day routine theory that demands 21 days to create a habit, either good or bad. The trial period is not that long if you are determined to bring a decisive change in your life. Take a planner to mark your 21-day goal and see where it directs you.
  • Never Stop Learning: Learning has no span and nor it comes with any restrictions. Its never too late to start learning something offbeat, some new skill or something you are curious to discover. Take out some time for the recreational activities that will add spark to your all-regular life. Uncover a new hobby or re-begin with the one you left assuming you can’t do it anymore. Just don’t confine yourself to the same grey routine and traverse the world of fresh routes.
  • Step out of the Box: You have been living in a bubble world of your own, getting all comfort and easy-going work. Doesn’t that feel tedious sometimes, doing the very things over and over again? So its time to climb out of your succour zone and explore the untraveled. Be open to seeing your life unwind in ways that are more sweeping than you can grasp of at the moment. You might feel uncomfortable at first, but what’s life without adventure? Stepping out will help to uncover and discover the world around you.
  • Prioritize yourself: The most prolific thing is to prioritize yourself. In the race of doing things right for others, we usually skip centering on ourself and our peace of mind. Let’s make a vow to focus on self-care and self-priority. Acknowledge your emotions and remember that small adjustments can lead to more lasting changes, but those may take time and patience. Don’t be gruff on yourself and take a break to ask yourself if you are doing okay? Because it is you that matters the most.
Hoping that this year will actually bring some fruitful change in your lifestyle with lots of positivity and goodwill!

~ Muskan Sidana


AI. for the Modern World

From many years we have been taught that machines work on the command of humans. But in the recent advancement of technology, our life is twirling around the tools which are although designed by humans but has the power to make its own decision like human beings. And that is how fast the world is propelling around us.

Artificial Intelligence has always been a term which intrigues people all over the world.

AI refers to an artificial creation of human-like intelligence that can acquire, reason, plan, recognise or process natural language.

We didn’t even realise when the technology changed our life out of all recognition. It’s like just yesterday we were taught about how man invented fire, and now we are learning how humans-like machines are programmed to work.

From waking up in the morning to going back to bed, we are inundated by AI. The Face Recognition of our mobile phones, the Security system of our homes, Light or Temperature adjustment of a place, Google or Netflix recommendations… every act is just a voice command away.

The world is emerging and to pace up with it, C.B.S.E. has taken a great initiative. We all are aware of the fact the technology is the next future, so why not train the students at the root level. These kids are going to be the next coders, developers or originators of the next span of technology. The burgeoning generations must be educated, in a way that they are ‘ready for life’, and are peremptory patrons to the elevation & embellishment of their nation. Letting them fiddle with it, endure it, experience it’s working will obviously intensify their intellectual and creative skills.  

Central Board of Secondary Education got the nerve of evolving times and made some conspicuous modifications in the years-old-curriculum of students. C.B.S.E. has now introduced Artificial Intelligence as an optional subject for secondary classes to open a world of opportunities and to help them understand the systems and tools they interact with on a daily basis.

But, before C.B.S.E. start teaching the kids about Artificial Intelligence, we have got something to develop their primary curiosity in the subject. Games are the best way to introduce learning to kids. We have got some fascinating games to make you puzzle out the concept of artificial intelligence.

  1. Mystery Animal: Mystery Animal is a new spin on the classic 20-questions game. The computer pretends to be an animal, and you have to guess what it is using your voice. You will have 20 “Yes” and “No” questions to try to determine what the mystery animal is. On an overt surface, this might be just an amusing game, but this can be a neat way to demonstrate the power of artificial intelligence. 20 Questions is an excellent opportunity for kids to build essential skills, including making genuine questions, communicating precisely, and critical thinking to narrow down the possibilities.


  2. Emoji Scavenger Hunt: Emoji scavenger hunt challenges you to locate and capture pictures of the real-life versions of the emoticons. The game is Google’s AI experiment and machine learning services to identify the analogous real-life object by merely using any smartphone camera. The experiment asks entrants to search targets in the actual world that resemble the emoji before the timer runs out.


  3. Rock-Paper-Scissors: You must remember playing this game with your fellow mates, secretly predicting the next move of your adversary. Now the game and its rules are still the same, but with a little remodelling. This rock-paper-scissors game illustrates the primary principles of adaptive artificial intelligence technology. The system learns to identify patterns of a person’s behavior by dissecting their decision tactics to predict future behavior. Try and discover if the system can foretell yours too.


    ~ Muskan Sidana


World Mental Health Day

Do you think your heart is the most complex organ? Let’s meet someone who is being neglected for years, taking all the emotional baggage, even of our heart. Let’s meet our mind, who’s health is not being considered as precious as physical health. A human mind is the most fragile part which carries all the stress and keeps a check on you, but it is necessary to keep a check on it too.

And for that, World Mental Health Day is observed on 10 October every year, with the overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues around the world and mobilizing efforts in support of mental health. The history of the day goes back to the year 1992 when an initiative of the World Federation for Mental Health celebrated the first-ever World Mental Health Day on October 10.

Every third person among us is suffering from mental health issues like anxiety, depression, stress etc. which we usually overlook in the race of the world or thinking what would others think of it.
But now, modern society is breaking the taboos related to mental health. People now understand that taking care of their mind won’t label them as a mad person, and it’s okay to seek help if things don’t fall in line. Our mental health is more valuable than considering what people would think. So let’s take a pledge to prioritize our mental health and also keep a check on our closed ones.

So let’s normalize a few things

Repeat after me

It’s okay to not excel in every field.
It’s okay to be anxious about certain things. We all are nervous at some point.
It’s okay if you are confused. Just take a deep breath and move further.
Remember, we all make mistakes.
Do more what makes you happy and satisfied.
It’s vital to love yourself and be proud of what you are. Give yourself some priority.
It is okay to ask for help.

So, celebrate every moment and don’t stop yourself from enjoying little moments; Play your favorite music and enjoy your day. Your mental health is more precious than other’s thoughts. So live and stay happy.


– Muskan Sidana


Winners of Young Masterminds 2020 presented by Evergreen Publications (India) Ltd. at 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi.

Police DAV School bags the title of Mirchi 2020 Young Masterminds: a state-level quiz competition presented by Evergreen Publications and 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi at CT Group of Institutions, Shahpur campus. Hosted by International quiz master #Barry’O’Brein, who has decades of experience in this field.

After the written test, top 12 teams competed in different rounds of Science, Technology, History, Geography and Entertainment etc. Out of these, 6 teams namely Army Public School, BCM Arya School, Cambridge International School, Police DAV School, Apeejay School and Holy Heart School contested in the final round.

#PoliceDAVSchool, Jalandhar bagged the first position along with cash prize worth Rs. 1, 00,000 whereas #ArmyPublicSchool Jal Cantt bagged second and BCM Arya School, Ludhiana got the third positions along with Rs. 51.000 and Rs. 31,000 respectively.


World Radio Day 2020

About Radio
Radio was invented in 1895 by an Italian named Gugliemo Marconi. It was first originally called the wireless telegraph and used radio waves to transmit Morse Code. Despite being numerous years old, the radio is one of the most popular ways to broadcast information everywhere on the earth. The power of radio isn’t that it speaks to millions, but that it speaks intimately and privately to each one of those millions. It has been used to help people, including youth, to have an interaction in discussions on topics that affect them. It can save lives during the hard period like disasters, and it gives journalists a platform to report facts and tell their stories.

Celebrate World Radio Day
World Radio Day was first officially celebrated in 2012. Each year the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) celebrates World Radio Day by planning activities with broadcasters, organizations and communities around the world.
This year in 2020 the theme of Radio Day is “Radio and Diversity”.

On the occasion of World Radio Day, the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has said that in an era of rapid media evolution, radio still has the power to bring people together and provide communities with vital news and information.

On this occasion, Chief Executive Officer of Prasar Bharati Shashi Shekhar Vempati said that radio has a very unique role and place in people’s life. He said, several parts of the country continue to rely on radio as their primary medium and source of information.

#WorldRadioDay #RadioAndDiversity #RadioDay #RadioDay2020 #EvergreenPost #evergreenpublications


Birth Anniversary of Sir C.V Raman

We at Evergreen Publications feel proud to pay tribute to one of the Greatest Indian Researchers. The first person in Asia to obtain Nobel Prize for Physics was C.V Raman.
In the decade of 1920s,he carried his work and with the least infrastructure available he succeeded in his attempts. And in 1930, he was awarded Nobel Prize “for his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of the Raman Effect”.In 1954, he was honoured with the highest Civilian Award, Bharat Ratna.

C.V Raman

We salute his contributions made in the field of Science.


Let us Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

We burst lot of Crackers on Diwali, But do we understand that it can be a nightmare for those who suffer from asthma and heart problems. There are increased cases of respiratory diseases as air quality goes down considerably. In fact, people and birds suffer from breathing troubles even days after Diwali.

It would be really great if we celebrate a pollution free, Eco-friendly Diwali.
Eco-Friendly Diwali
Some tips and suggestions how to celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

  • Go for biodegradable colours for Rangoli

Use Organic colours, real flowers, leaves, grains, flour for Rangoli instead of using Synthetic Rangoli colours. Decorate homes with some bright and vibrant sarees, duppattas instead of plastic ribbons.Use organic incense sticks and fresh flowers.

  • Say No to Cracker or switch over to Eco-friendly Crackers

The best thing you can do for the environment this Diwali is to pledge not to burst firecrackers,and other thing you can do is to Buy solely eco-friendly crackers rather than chemical crackers. Eco-friendly crackers are made of recycled paper. The sound produced from these crackers is as per the defined limits of the Pollution Board. Eco-friendly crackers are not dangerous for our environment as other crackers are.

  • Use Earthen Diyas

Decorate home with “earthen lamps or diyas” rather than electrical/Chinese diyas. There’s nothing more charming than the good-old oil diyas. Ditch the electric lights for traditional diyas. Earthen lamps want oil for illumination. It additionally cuts down the electricity bill. By using thiese Diyas you will be supporting poor local artisans who make these diyas. You may find them on your local marketplace. Painting diyas is a fun school excursion hobby.

  • Avoid Using Plastic

Plastic packaging and wrapping paper harm the environment and add to the trash around us. Instead of glittery or shimmery wrapping, a hand-written card or note will add the personal touch. Wrap the gifts with handmade/newspapers. Wrapping the gifts with colourful artefact or jute can offer ethnic look.

This is the best way of celebrating Diwali.


Kargil Vijay Diwas

A grateful nation pays homage to all
those who served the nation during Operation Vijay. Our brave soldiers ensured that India remains protected and gave a befitting answer to those who tried to vitiate the atmosphere of peace. We salute the ultimate sacrifice of the martyrs of Kargil.
#JaiHind #VijayDivas.


Microsoft has invested $1 billion in the Elon Musk-founded AI venture.

Microsoft has invested with $1 billion in the Elon Musk-founded artificial intelligence venture that plans to mimic the human brain which uses computers.OpenAI

According to OpenAI the investment would go towards its efforts of building artificial general intelligence (AGI). This can rival and surpass the cognitive capabilities of humans. 

The CEO of OpenAI said “The creation of AGI will be the most important technological development in human history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity”.

Our mission is to make sure that AGI technology benefits whole humanity, and we’re operating with Microsoft to create the super-computing foundation on which we’ll be building AGI.”

 The two companies will together build AI super-computing technologies, that OpenAI plans to market through Microsoft and its Azure cloud computing business.
Community Service by Evergreen Publications

Evergreen Publications on the trail of community service.

Community Service: Evergreen Publications’ Employees came together in the streets to encourage the sense of unity, love, and brotherhood for all.

Employees got out in the scorching sun to quench thirsts of hundreds.

One of the benefits which we believe in social volunteering is the positive impression it has on the community. It’s the unpaid volunteers which really glue the society together and spreads the message of selflessness and love. Even quenching thirsts of passersby can make a big difference. And volunteering is a two-way path: It can serve you and your family as much as the cause you choose to help.

While also, this exercise helped our shy employees to come up and perform. Social service is one of the great ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.

Volunteering is good for your inner peace and outer body.

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