Birth Anniversary of Sir C.V Raman

We at Evergreen Publications feel proud to pay tribute to one of the Greatest Indian Researchers. The first person in Asia to obtain Nobel Prize for Physics was C.V Raman.
In the decade of 1920s,he carried his work and with the least infrastructure available he succeeded in his attempts. And in 1930, he was awarded Nobel Prize “for his work on the scattering of light and for the discovery of the Raman Effect”.In 1954, he was honoured with the highest Civilian Award, Bharat Ratna.

C.V Raman

We salute his contributions made in the field of Science.


Let us Celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

We burst lot of Crackers on Diwali, But do we understand that it can be a nightmare for those who suffer from asthma and heart problems. There are increased cases of respiratory diseases as air quality goes down considerably. In fact, people and birds suffer from breathing troubles even days after Diwali.

It would be really great if we celebrate a pollution free, Eco-friendly Diwali.
Eco-Friendly Diwali
Some tips and suggestions how to celebrate an Eco-Friendly Diwali

  • Go for biodegradable colours for Rangoli

Use Organic colours, real flowers, leaves, grains, flour for Rangoli instead of using Synthetic Rangoli colours. Decorate homes with some bright and vibrant sarees, duppattas instead of plastic ribbons.Use organic incense sticks and fresh flowers.

  • Say No to Cracker or switch over to Eco-friendly Crackers

The best thing you can do for the environment this Diwali is to pledge not to burst firecrackers,and other thing you can do is to Buy solely eco-friendly crackers rather than chemical crackers. Eco-friendly crackers are made of recycled paper. The sound produced from these crackers is as per the defined limits of the Pollution Board. Eco-friendly crackers are not dangerous for our environment as other crackers are.

  • Use Earthen Diyas

Decorate home with “earthen lamps or diyas” rather than electrical/Chinese diyas. There’s nothing more charming than the good-old oil diyas. Ditch the electric lights for traditional diyas. Earthen lamps want oil for illumination. It additionally cuts down the electricity bill. By using thiese Diyas you will be supporting poor local artisans who make these diyas. You may find them on your local marketplace. Painting diyas is a fun school excursion hobby.

  • Avoid Using Plastic

Plastic packaging and wrapping paper harm the environment and add to the trash around us. Instead of glittery or shimmery wrapping, a hand-written card or note will add the personal touch. Wrap the gifts with handmade/newspapers. Wrapping the gifts with colourful artefact or jute can offer ethnic look.

This is the best way of celebrating Diwali.


Kargil Vijay Diwas

A grateful nation pays homage to all
those who served the nation during Operation Vijay. Our brave soldiers ensured that India remains protected and gave a befitting answer to those who tried to vitiate the atmosphere of peace. We salute the ultimate sacrifice of the martyrs of Kargil.
#JaiHind #VijayDivas.


Microsoft has invested $1 billion in the Elon Musk-founded AI venture.

Microsoft has invested with $1 billion in the Elon Musk-founded artificial intelligence venture that plans to mimic the human brain which uses computers.OpenAI

According to OpenAI the investment would go towards its efforts of building artificial general intelligence (AGI). This can rival and surpass the cognitive capabilities of humans. 

The CEO of OpenAI said “The creation of AGI will be the most important technological development in human history, with the potential to shape the trajectory of humanity”.

Our mission is to make sure that AGI technology benefits whole humanity, and we’re operating with Microsoft to create the super-computing foundation on which we’ll be building AGI.”

 The two companies will together build AI super-computing technologies, that OpenAI plans to market through Microsoft and its Azure cloud computing business.
Community Service by Evergreen Publications

Evergreen Publications on the trail of community service.

Community Service: Evergreen Publications’ Employees came together in the streets to encourage the sense of unity, love, and brotherhood for all.

Employees got out in the scorching sun to quench thirsts of hundreds.

One of the benefits which we believe in social volunteering is the positive impression it has on the community. It’s the unpaid volunteers which really glue the society together and spreads the message of selflessness and love. Even quenching thirsts of passersby can make a big difference. And volunteering is a two-way path: It can serve you and your family as much as the cause you choose to help.

While also, this exercise helped our shy employees to come up and perform. Social service is one of the great ways to make new friends and strengthen existing relationships.

Volunteering is good for your inner peace and outer body.

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Role of Father In Child’s Development

Father's day by Evergreen Publications

The role of father love in child development is of significant importance. Their role helps to mold and shape the child as they grow both physically, mentally, and socially. Many aspects of a father affect how a child develops. Differences in involvement among unemployed and employed men are very important. The amount of time that the father is available to help raise the child affects the type of relationships that the child may have later in life and their social role (Radin & Harold-Goldsmith, 1989). There are also effects of father absence on educational achievement and intellectual development among children ranging from age six to eleven. Children who have a father that plays an active role in their schoolwork and extracurricular activities are more likely to excel as an individual (Svanum & Mclaughlin, 1982). Another study was on the effects of paternal involvement on infant preferences for mothers and fathers. Results showed that paternal involvement had no effect! Continue reading


We wore #Blue for the day because we care about the #SavingTheOceans : World Oceans Day

The World Oceans Day celebration plays a crucial role in reminding citizens their responsibilities and give them the credibility of their powerful actions. All the Evergreeniez in the office matched their clothing to form their sense of unity for a similar cause. The world ocean day is not just a one-day event to be worried about the marine life, but an anniversary of 1 more year of the everlasting beauty of oceans. And it’s our duty to do our efforts to make it much more beautiful by the next year. In support of saving the marine life and the beauty of oceans, all the Evergreeniez in the office decided to wear blue. Also, Evergreeniez shared their knowledge on how they can create an impact. From reducing the use of plastic to recycling products for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. #WeWearBlue cuz we #support #WorldOceansDay #NoPlastic

World Oceans Day Celebration at Evergreen Publications

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Which is the best educational app for students in India? | Why Evergreen – Smart Learning is the best educational study app for students who use Android platform?

best educational app Evergreen Smart Leraning by Evergreen Publications

Why EvergreenSmart Learning is the best educational study app for students who use Android platform?

Today, When people say “there’s an app for that,” they may not be kidding because these days there are mobile apps for literally everything under the sky, out of which maximum are for Android OS.  

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Sneaks from the Holi celebration at Office! It was much more than splashing colours.

Holi Celebration at Evergreen Publications

The best part of our organization is it was originated in India, the land of diversity and multicultural beliefs. One of such festival was celebrated this month at Multimedia Office of Evergreen Publications.
Holi was celebrated in open terrace area of the office. There was no doubt that Evergreen’iez would ever miss such opportunity to play with colours. Whether its publishing, digital works or even real life, we know how to pour the right colour at a right moment. Continue reading